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Discover the Rewards - Sponsor a Youth - STEM Education


Increased Self-Esteem


Knowing that you have the power to change a life by sharing your experiences, wisdom and success stories will provide you with confidence to tackle your next endeavor.


A Sense of Accomplishment


Successfully mentoring an at-risk youth will leave you with a sense of accomplishment that surpasses any monetary or tangible award.


Insight into Adolescence and Young Adulthood


The mentee is not the only one that learns in this relationship.  The mentor will learn as well; gaining greater insight into the aspects of the life of adolescences and teens.


Improved Leadership Skills


So you say you are a leader?  Then prove it.  Mentoring the youth will improve your leadership skills and how you relate to others.


Direct Positive Impact on Community


Have a direct positive impact on the community by improving the high school graduation rate.  If everyone does their part, we can change the world, one life at a time.


Expand Your Network


Become a mentor, tell others and encourage friends, family and associates to mentor as well.  In doing so, attract more positive and resourceful individuals into your life as they see your passion and desire to contribute to your good work.


"Thank you so much!  Christopher is really starting to reach his goals & have success with the program and we both appreciate this opportunity!" T. Walton

"Jaden loves the program, and your support is helping him to reach his goal of becoming a computer programmer and famous YouTuber!"  T. Kjellin

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